Friday, April 21, 2006

Blogs offer new avenue for businesses -

Wanted: More bloggers to join this venture and be a Running Mate. If you'd like to be on a blog that gets lots of readers -- I'd love to have the helpers.
Blogs offer new avenue for businesses - 'It is of growing importance for businesses to read blogs, and consider writing their own blogs,' said Mike Woycheck, information systems technologist for the Pittsburgh Technology Council. 'It's something businesses have to pay attention to, because it's not going to go away.'

Woycheck is a founder of Pittsburgh Bloggers, which began in late 2004 and now lists more than 400 local Web logs. Most are personal, but some, including The Bloomery and Mt. Lebanon's Aldo Coffee Co. blogs, are business-based.
Keep your own blog too -- but on matters of civic concern, local issues, trends and news reactions, pipe them over here.

All aboard.... our photo in a reflection before we board the Maglev in Shanghi.

In other local blogging news,
Local TV: Sheila Hyland to fill in on KDKA morning news WTAE is getting a WEB REPORTER. Channel 4 has hired a reporter who will file TV-style reports primarily for WTAE's Web site,

I still have a burning question about this page, a blast from the past, from the site in question.

Sifry's Alerts The blogosphere is over 60 times bigger than it was only 3 years ago.

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