Thursday, April 27, 2006

Deceased voter gets card from Diven - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Deceased voter gets card from Diven - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review For a dead man, James J. Bradley Jr. has a lot of political pull.

First, his name appeared in March on a nominating petition for the re-election of state Rep. Michael Diven, R-Beechview -- more than three years after Bradley, of Baldwin Township, died of a heart attack.

Now Diven has sent Bradley a birthday card, wishing him good health.
The sending of cards is a political trick. The four-color card of the photo of the state capital is nice -- and we all pay for it. Newsletters are often an expression of PR for the candidate up for re-election and less to do about real 'news.' Those behaviors stink and people have had enough.


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Tribune Review editorial Lance:

Lance: To Michael Diven. The inclusion of a dead man's name on his nominating petitions (it was one of several) routed the Republican Beechview state representative from the May primary ballot. And now, in a sensitive follow-up, Mr. Diven has sent the same dearly departed a birthday card -- wishing him "best happiness and health." Diven has apologized and called the card a "mistake." No kidding. Diven, by the way, says he might mount a write-in campaign in next month's primary. With such a reputation for attention to detail, he shouldn't bother.

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Centre Daily Times | 04/29/2006 | Good news, bad news Good news, bad news

Wasn't it bad enough when state senators voted to protect a financial institution from its investors while they -- the senators -- were out of town attending a memorial service? Or when a state Supreme Court justice billed taxpayers for tolls he paid en route to the funeral of a colleague's husband?

Now state Rep. Michael Diven, R-Allegheny, has withdrawn from the primary after his nominating petitions were challenged because they contained the names of people who were dead.

Diven blamed the mistake on a campaign staffer, of course. But whose fault was it when Diven sent a birthday card to one of those deceased 'supporters?'

According to the legislator, it was the House Republican Caucus, which generated his birthday-card list.

Blameless? Perhaps. Shameless? You decide.

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