Tuesday, April 18, 2006

AN INVITATION that arrived via email from the Independent for PA Gov candidate

Here is the email that I'm posting on this blog:
I am pleased to invite you to become part of my independent campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania.

As you may be aware, the state legislature voted itself an unannounced pay raise on July 7, 2005 - ranging from 16 percent to a whopping 54 percent - violating our state Constitution. This increase was quickly signed into law by our current Governor.

I don't know anyone who deserves a raise that large - especially this state legislature - and I certainly can’t recall any working Pennsylvanian who’s received an increase of that proportion. Pennsylvania suffers from too many problems - heavy tax burdens, lack of economic opportunity and unresponsive government at all levels. These things must change - Pennsylvania deserves better.

In response to the pay grab, I founded an organization named PACleanSweep. We were instrumental in defeating Supreme Court Justice Russell Nigro in November, 2005, pressuring the legislature to repeal the pay raise, and we have recruited more than 100 candidates for state legislature. PACleanSweep candidates pledge integrity, honesty and adherence to the Constitution of Pennsylvania, so our citizens will be protected from further legislative shenanigans.

PACleanSweep has accomplished much in its short existence. However, there is so much more work to do. Along with a new legislature, we need a new, independent governor - one who will not be swayed by the establishment which has led our Commonwealth down the wrong path.

We need someone who will say "NO!" to backroom-brokered pay raises and other quickie legislation. Someone whose first priority as governor will be the problems of Pennsylvanians like you. And finally, someone who gives the taxpayers and voters of Pennsylvania a voice in their government - both in its day-to-day affairs and its long term planning.

The political system in Pennsylvania is broken. In order to meet the needs of ordinary voters and working taxpayers, I pledge to do the following:

• veto any proposed legislation which has only been seen by back room dealmakers and not subjected to public scrutiny;

• veto all unconstitutional legislation, including middle-of-the-night pay raises, legislative perks and entitlements;

• reduce the size and cost of state government by exposing wasteful spending on items such as expensive meals, golden junkets and other expenditures which add little value to the legitimate functions of government;

• direct the Attorney General to investigate any and all abuses of taxpayer-funded resources and abuse of authority, even if it means investigating the actions of other elected officials;

• use the Governor's office as a bully pulpit to create a level playing field for all voters, creating a fair system for hearing and considering methods of reforming and operating state government.

I will be running without the support of an established party apparatus. Because of this, I will need the assistance of independent Pennsylvania Patriots like you. I am required to obtain 67,070 signatures in order to get my name on the ballot in November. My committee and I have determined that we will need at least 100,000 signatures in order to adequately resist a court challenge.

We estimate this effort will cost at least $200,000. This means that every $500.00 you contribute to my campaign will result in 250 petition signatures to get me on the ballot and get your government back.

• Please give what you can - and of course, please feel free to give more than once. To give online, visit http://russdiamond.org/contribute.html.

• If you would like to sign my petition - or better yet, help us gather signatures - please visit http://russdiamond.org/petition.html. There, you will find all the information you need to help me get on the ballot.

• Please spread the word about my candidacy, and wherever possible, support PACleanSweep candidates.

This is an exciting and historic time for Pennsylvania - the eyes of the nation are upon us. I hope you will join me on this mission to restore honor, dignity and integrity to Harrisburg.


Russ Diamond
Independent Candidate for Governor

Barbara J. Baur, Treasurer

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