Sunday, April 23, 2006

What others are saying, (sorta like self promotion) -- around the Diamond issue

I've gotten a few off-line emails. Generally, I hate off-line emails. Send your comments to the blog, or to a list, or expect the comments to flow out of my mouth some day or onto my own blog.

I'm not so good at thinking on my feet when I've got a bunch of secrets to protect. So, I live best when there are NO secrets to protect. So, I don't really like to be burdened with secrets in the first place. This is a public effort for the public good. I love to be open and try to walk that talk.
Hi Mark,

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for very honestly, intellectually, and eloquently destroying these ridiculous arguments that Michele and CO. are making to justify their ridiculous, vindictive actions. ( Bitter, . . Party of 3 your table is ready ) I particularly enjoyed the “come to the commons, drop a turd and call it air freshener” That ROCKS!

Not that it matters (as you write addressing points not people) but I just thought I let you know that .....

Russ will over-come this non-issue with the character and ideology that has carried him to this place, . . and also with the help of intelligent, principled writers like yourself who excel in calling a spade, a spade. . . . Thank you Mark.
Clean sweep journey man.

I took this photo on the streets in China. There, the number one issue with the Communist Party is to fight corruption. They do a lot of clean up too. Lots and lots of people are on trash pick-up jobs. The city landscapes are often way better than anything we have here in terms of efforts to clean up.

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