Monday, April 17, 2006

Impact Lab - Amazing 3D Sidewalk Art Photos

A friend of mine wanted me to do something like this -- but a bit different -- for the election. The South Side is such a friendly place for walking and sidewalks. We pondered the notions -- but didn't.

In the future, there will be more and more political art on sidewalks -- and less and less on lawn signs.
Impact Lab - Amazing 3D Sidewalk Art Photos These unbelievable photos are chalk drawings done by Julian Beever. Beever uses his drawings to create an amazing 3D illusion.
Click the link about to check out these images -- for fun. They are 3D.
Our 2-D story of sidewalk art follows. (Click image for larger view.)
Artists at work on a sidewalk in front of a Lotus garden.

Little nudity -- we call these "split pants." When you see a puddle -- you don't generally want to walk in it.

Artists notes...

From the back with Lotus in the foreground, artist in middle and the tea house, found in People's Park, in the background.

Upclose... Mom, we're headed home.

Really, it was a call to the artists daughter for help in translating what was to come next.

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