Tuesday, April 18, 2006

PCN - coverage of meetings slated for Wed night

PCN - Pennsylvania Cable Network Wed, 4-19, 8:00 PM Slots Community Impact - Pittsburgh, PA Gaming Control Board
I can't tell how late this TV coverage will run? Day one of a parade of people to speak unfolded today.

I got to shake Franco's hand. I got to tell Ken Sawyer to own the building and not give it to the public. And I mingled with union workers, Unite Here, to say that we should go straight to table games and bypass the slots. And, with Dan Onorato, I got to say the best way to keep the Pens here is to have Pens own the new arena. And for Jon Delano -- I mentioned that the $290 or $300 million would equal to 100 new Dormont Pools around Allegheny County.

The designer of the site didn't know where Duquesne Univ plays its basketball games. I sorta see why the DU President has second thoughts about the casino's location. The people who went to DU games this year may not be similar to the crowds they get in future years. I'm not sure there can be a DU men's hoops game (or WPIAL PLAYOFF GAME) and Pens game on the same date? The facilities are quite close. I hope so.

There is a new park (in the Isle of Capri plans) over the highway! Another park for LEED stuff on the roof of the casino. And, a third park behind the casino between it and the neighborhood. I want COACHES at those parks.

One gal (from Bethel Park and works in a downtown bank) had a free t-shirt that had been edited with a black marker. It was funny. The t-shirts were handed out by the truck loads and say, "I support Pittsburgh First." She inserted a word, to make it read, "I DON'T support Pittsburgh First."

The protesters were few and far between.


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