Monday, April 24, 2006

Old Congress Critter faces school teacher Isaac in D's primary

I like the underdog. I've got to know Mike Isaac a bit in the past weeks. He seems like a good guy that is worthy of your vote.
Campaign 2006: Rep. Doyle faces school teacher Isaac: "The 34-year-old Scott native acknowledges that he is a distinct underdog against the six-term veteran. He says he is running to give the district's voters a choice, noting that he differs from Mr. Doyle on abortion -- he is pro-choice, the incumbent opposes abortion -- and has criticized Mr. Doyle's votes on an omnibus energy bill and an anti-gang measure that would extend the federal death penalty to some juveniles. Reflecting the reasonably civil tone of this race, however, Mr. Isaac noted in a recent interview that he supports significant aspects of the incumbent's record, notably his position on the Iraq war."

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