Saturday, April 22, 2006

Swann backs Jubelirer

This is being called a bomb, as in Swann dropped a bomb -- on himself. The statements came at at PIIN hosted event. PIIN = Pgh Interfaith Impact Network. I wanted to attend this event, but it didn't work out for me. I'm not too sure they would have wanted to see my "Jeff Diamond" for Governor petitions on the sidewalk. Perhaps they will now embrace them after Swann's showing.

Furthermore, Swann does not need to worry about lifting the ire of only the conservatives. Rather that is going to play poorly to all reformers as well.
Capitolwire: Swann endorses Sen. Jubelirer, risking conservative GOP

By Peter L. DeCoursey, Bureau Chief, Capitolwire

PITTSBURGH (April 22) – Weeks after a group of statewide conservatives buttonholed Lynn Swann to tell him to back away from public support of Senate President Pro Tem Robert Jubelirer, R-Blair, Swann endorsed Jubelirer while responding to a reporter's question here.

First, asked if he would endorse Jubelirer, Swann said, " … I certainly hope that, you know, whether it's a Sen. Jubelirer, or anybody else, that we have that kind of expertise there, that will help in the process of reforming government."

Asked again if he believed 30th Senate district voters should re-elect Jubelirer, Swann said, "Yeah, I think he would be a valuable ally in the Legislature."
Next, would someone ask Swann if he thinks Tom Murphy, old Pgh Mayor, should come out of retirement and seek another term in high elected office. He has experience too.

P-G article.

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