Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sorta sorry state <;/

That feud is over now.
ALL APOLOGIES. The super-secret folks at the Web site sure are sensitive.

Two weeks ago in this space, we accurately reported the Internet site for governmental geeks and policy wonks was off-line and printed speculation widely discussed in political circles as to the reason why.

Last week, we noted the Web site's return and welcomed back its operators.

This egregious conduct resulted in the anonymous people who run the site throwing a hissy fit, demanding a retraction and an apology for publishing correct information.

We're not sure if this qualifies, but we are indeed sorry that we don't apologize for printing facts.

If this doesn't suffice, people, at least get the name of this newspaper right if you again attempt to use it to try to increase your Web site's loyal readers beyond a few dozen. We're the Tribune-Review.

Trust us -- we'll get your names correct should we ever decide to print them.

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Anonymous said...

From PoliticsPA's UP and DOWN feature:

Easy the sleaziest happening this week in Pennsylvania politics was the Pittsburgh Tribune's backtracking on it's promise to apologize and retract a story about the reasoning behind our recent server difficulties. The Pittsburgh Tribune's Whispers column speculated that the server difficulties "may be the result of a split by the husband-and-wife team long rumored to be behind the anonymously run site. Attempts to contact the site through its pseudonymous operator, Sy Snyder, were unsuccessful."

The truth is that PoliticsPA was never contacted by the Whispers columnist and its speculation the reason behind our server difficulties was potentially hurtful, obnoxious and a lie.

We at PoliticsPA have certainly went after our share of Charlie Gerow's and other less-than-qualified political gadflies, but do not speculate on broken marriages and other personal matters, particularly if those individuals are not public figures.

The Whispers columnist owes PoliticsPA and all its readers an apology for what was easily the most mean-spirited, reckless and repugnant use of an anonymous column Pennsylvania has ever seen.