Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Pittsburgh's Wi-Fi plan fails to cover the rivers and bridges

Wi-Fi on the water and with the rivers and even Voyager!
Today in city council chambers, the good people with The Pittsburgh Voyager were given special notice. Presently, a new vessile, a floating classroom and lab is being built. It will take 150 passengers and join the fleet on the North Side. A few other boats are working on the rivers now, taking school kids on field trips daily.

The rivers are NOT in the plan for wi-fi. It would be simple to put the wi-fi connections along the bridges and cover the water spaces. That is an attraction. These kids, their teachers and adults on their trips would be able to check email from a lap-top if the rivers were wi-fi ready.

One of our bridges was named for Rachel C. We could have a festival on the bridge and have vendors show their wares via the web and wi-fi -- if that was made into the plans.

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