Friday, April 21, 2006

No fans to light the Pirates' flame

There will be an All-Star boycott -- No Sweatshops, Bucco!

Why live in misery when the day was great -- and baseball was being played at dozens of high school sandlots all around western PA? Makes no sense when we have great baseball at the best price around -- at a high school game. We went today and on Wednesday. Great time. Dropped in for a few innings. Spent an hour or so. Wonderful.
No fans to light the Pirates' flame 'I think fans have been gracious,' he said. 'And maybe not vocal enough, maybe not vociferous enough with their displeasure. That's my opinion.'

It is a difficult viewpoint to refute, one that requires no more than a casual glance around PNC Park to reinforce.

There are no brown bags over anyone's heads, no banners advocating change, no boycotts being staged. Rarely are there boos when the home side fares poorly.

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