Thursday, September 07, 2006


Proposal would name Schenley golf course for O'Connor

Proposal would name Schenley golf course for O'Connor An organization involved in running the Schenley Park Golf Course wants the city to rename the facility after the late Mayor Bob O'Connor.

'My hope is that it eventually comes to be called the Bob O'Connor Golf Course at Schenley Park, and that people end up calling it The Bob,' said Bruce Stephen, executive director of The First Tee of Pittsburgh, a nonprofit organization that teaches kids golf and moral values at the course.

'The [O'Connor] family very much wants that.'
Sounds like a 'slam dunk' to me. Let's make sure that the pins are 'red' -- as in 'redd up the green.' Golfers will be able to 'redd up their shots at The Bob.'

There are sure to be other ways to honor O'Connor too.

Back in the day, I suggested that we re-name the "Liberty Bridge" and "Liberty Tunnel" for Tom Murphy -- IF he would resign from office before his term ended. Murphy did plenty to erase Liberty from our landscape, so taking that tag off the bridge and tunnel seemed fitting. Murphy was also a champ at 'gridlock' as well, something that the goes hand and hand with the tunnel and bridge. But, that rant is all water under the bridge now.

Bob O'Connor didn't re-start the marathon in May, something that Tom killed. Next up in our sporting datebook, The Great Races (10k, 5k, tot trot) named for a past mayor. The Great Race was also killed for a year by Tom Murphy -- but it was born again. It makes money.

Bob was a friend of sports.

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