Sunday, September 03, 2006

Home, home, home. -- Rest at home.

Today (Sat, Sept. 3) we (Erik, Grant and I) left Canada. Our escape and encounters at Camp Chikopi came to a close.

I've been out of touch with the blog, email and all news . Since mid-August, I only got to talk to my wife three times on the phone as my cell phone didn't pick up a signal on the camp's site. We drove and Chikopi is three-and-a-half-hours north of Toronto.

As we were making the drive home, around Erie, PA, I checked my cell's voice messages to the news of Bob O'Connor's death.

We got a good meal and visit with my parents on the way home in Cranberry.

Then, just after 8 pm, we pulled into town, parked on the Blvd., and paid our respects at the City County Building on Grant Street. My boys didn't want to go to the visitation. Erik objected as we didn't have on a suit. They had no choice.

It was a sad experience but they were glad to have gone.

Both of my boys had a real relationship with Mayor O'Connor. Bob once pulled out a $5 bill from his wallet and gave it to them to split -- so that they could get some ice cream.

We all miss Bob and we all have stories to tell and share.

We had a great, great, great trip. Being home is nice. But home has an bit of an empty feel tonight.

Bob's campaign made great play on the word, "home." The one campaign message was simply, "Because this is home."

Well, I'm home. I'm back. But moreover, Mayor O'Connor, rest in peace. Bob will have a home in our hearts for generations to come.

As a final tidbit for tonight -- my wife is stuck at O'Hare airport for the second time this week. So, we're home and she is not and that is an uneasy feeling too after being apart for so long and after this journey's solemn final steps.

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