Tuesday, September 05, 2006

International Studies in Pgh Public Schools -- holding meetings and volunteers needed

Here is the deal: Pgh Public Schools has a new I.B. coordinator. This role had NOT been filled in the past two years. Or, if there was someone there -- they were not doing much. Now it is the time for the parents to offer up some support for the new agenda and programs for the next school year.
Now that you have had time to check the school calendar, I am sending a second request for volunteers. Mme. Smith has scheduled a grade level activity for Sept 12 (sixth grade), Sept 13 (seventh grade), and Sept 14 (eighth). While the students will be watching the movie, Akeelah and the Bee, the parents will be meeting to hear the plans for the IS/IB. Several volunteers are needed each evening to sell concessions before the movie, from 6:15 to about 7:15. Since you plan to be there for the activity and meeting, please help get the year off to a good start by volunteering. So far I have 2 mothers for Wed and 1 who can come any or all 3 days.

I am having problems with this first attempt at getting volunteers because of my limited email list; I have the people who have signed up for my IS list that I have identified as Frick parents. I do not know all of the Frick people and I have very few 6th grade parents. IF you know of someone who would be interested in helping, please have them email me.

amy moore
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