Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mayor's term goes to when ???

There has been some talk about how long Luke gets to be Mayor of Pittsburgh, without an election. That is a valid conversation given the ugly conflicts of words within the City's Charter. But that is for another thread. See below.

What became of the "TERM LIMIT" idea? Presently, Pittsburgh has NO TERM LIMITs for its Mayor, nor for City Council Members.

The US President and even the PA Governor can only serve two terms.

We have the potential of Luke, now in his mid-20s, serving as mayor until he is in his mid-60s. With a 26 year old mayor at the helm, we could have a 40-year period where Luke is the boss on Grant Street.

The concept of 'term limits' goes both ways. To favor democracy, let the people decide, not some charter. But, to avoid a czar-like state, keep a revolving door in the top offices.

I think we need to think again about 'term limits' in the city, for mayor and for those on city council.

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