Monday, October 09, 2006

The BEAST and a view from Rachel Lea Hunter, candidate and Pitt Law Grad

I've followed the campaign cycles and emails from a Pitt Law Grad who now lives in the South (near DUKE, BTW). She is a Republican and a real anti-establishment reformer who cares about constitutional leadership.
...; Several months ago, I wrote about "the beast" which pervades our politics, government and community life. Some were upset by the use of the term and the referral to the beast in the Book of Revelation. Regardless of what you call it, no matter how much you want to pretend that it doesn't exist, I am here to tell you that "the beast" does exist and is here among us.

Part of this campaign has been about exposure of the beast. We see it in Washington with the Mark Foley scandal. We see it here in North Carolina with the guilty plea of Republican attorney Sam Currin for tax fraud. Both men were held up as paragons worthy of our respect while all the time their true natures were concealed. However, the veneer of respectability is beginning to crumble. The beast has been exposed by these and other scandals and by me. We now see it for what it is in all of its hideous ugliness.


You think we have a constitutional government any more in America? Think again. We are living in nothing more than a sophisticated police state. The country is controlled by an oligarchy of "haves." The oligarchy is made up of very wealthy and powerful people. They control the money, they control the economics and they control our foreign and domestic policy. Most of all, they control us. Oh sure, they give us the illusion of freedom, but we are not really free. All it takes if is for "The Great Decider" to label us as an "enemy combatant" and we can be whisked off to prison, held incommunicado indefinitely and now tortured. That is what happened to José Padilla, an American citizen. It can happen to any one of us.

And so it is with Connie Mack Berry, Jr. What is occurring is nothing more than the beast flexing its muscle, desperately trying to hang onto power, using its manipulation of the mainstream media, the NC GOP and the legal Establishment. As I earlier wrote, what was done in Connie's past has been done. I cannot change that. He received a letter from Georgia stating that he was clear and that he could vote. Why would I have reason to look further? After all, he is a grown man in control of his own life. But the beast not only wants to dredge up the past but it wants to get Connie. Why? If elected, I will only be one vote on the court. Even if the justices all agree except for me, virtually all decisions will be 6-1. So it can't be that.

What the beast really fears is the loss of power and you people who are controlled waking up. And that the beast fears awesomely. You see, if I am permitted to be victorious, I will inspire a thousand more like me. The beast cannot risk this loss in power. Because if you do run and see the ugliness of the beast as I have, you will be incensed. You will throw the beast out. This it cannot have at all costs.

This is the real reason why the beast is attacking so fearsomely. Tell me, what has Connie done that is so terrible? Has he killed? Raped? Robbed? No. He has done nothing more than exercise his constitutional right to vote. As stated, he got a letter clearing him. In Georgia, someone formerly convicted need not do anything once their rights are restored. Connie moved here and thought it was okay. But no, now the beast has launched an investigation by the SBI and is looking to file a criminal indictment. What a waste of taxpayer dollars. I'm glad that we have resolved all the problems in the world, in our country and in our state that we are so concerned that the system will collapse if one man is allowed to exercise his right to vote. Felons have voted throughout the United States, some legally, others perhaps not, depending on their state. How many of these individuals have been prosecuted I wonder? I have not seen a prosecution ever. Except this one.

The US Constitution says nothing about forfeiting rights to vote. It gives all people the right to vote. This is nothing more than an attempt to disqualify people from voting, especially African Americans. Who makes up the bulk of the prison population? African Americans. You see, we have a prison industry in this country that depends on building more prisons and having more prison jobs, as creating wealth through manufacturing has long ceased. So we need to keep the industry going. We pass ever more laws to make more people criminals. And we don't want African Americans to vote, especially not them. If they could vote, why they would put a stop to some of these nonsensical laws! How to control them and stop them? Disqualify felons and use the laws and tools and disinformation to keep them from voting. That is the Republican strategy, the strategy of the NC GOP and the strategy of the beast. It is because they are so bankrupt and drunk with their power and they have absolutely nothing to offer us.

The News & Observer wrote its story. Then it retracted is story. Now it is coming out with another at the behest of the NC GOP-Mafia, their operatives and the legal Establishment, all of which are heads or tentacles of the beast. Which version is true? And ask yourself, why is this relevant anyway? Is this just a salacious tidbit to keep us distracted from the real actions and motives of the beast? Will this be like the movie "Absence of Malice" where the reporter comes around to the side of the maligned hero? Probably not.

For "Real" Justice

Rachel Lea Hunter

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