Saturday, October 07, 2006

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Big tent or big broom closet in a PAT T-stop?
Jeb Bush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bush's appeal to Florida's highly diverse group of voters, along with his groundbreaking second term and success in expanding the so-called 'big tent' of the Florida Republican Party, appear to have propelled him into a commanding political position.
Pittsburgh is all hacked off because a beautiful young women with a Brit's twang, while here for a movie we'll never see, yacks poorly about our city. Great to have Luke dish out forgiveness to the dish and her dad to visit from Meadville to show her around. We don't suck that bad, seems to be the message.

Then Jeb Bush comes around and has to hide out in a broom closet in a downtown T-stop to evade folks in his face screaming for him to 'go home.'

Meanwhile, two get to taste, first hand, what it feels like to catch a zap from PAT Police 'stun guns.' This is sure to raise concerns about brutality and freedom of speech.

So, if peace protesters spread the message, "Go HOME" and pitch a fit in a skirmish. Do you think we should worry if this is the type of behaviors we'll need to display so as to woo kind remarks from the the next glamor girl to come to town?

And, was that women with Jeb good looking too?

Jeb Bush gets rude welcome: "Mr. Bush, accompanied by a security guard and a female aide, made a slow retreat toward the T-station at Wood Street."

This gives me another chance to show a travel image of a transit stop in China.
Maglev stop. No broom closet here. Spotless too.

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Anonymous said...

Typical Port Authority police response. These guys have an easy job with hardly any calls and when they do get one they taser someone.