Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Goodell, Ravenstahl to attend W&J homecoming - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Have a good time.
Goodell, Ravenstahl to attend W&J homecoming - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, and Luke Ravenstahl, mayor of Pittsburgh, will be among the more than 1,000 alumni at Washington & Jefferson College's Homecoming festivities this weekend. Goodell (class of 1981) and Ravenstahl (2003) will serve as honorary co-captains at the Presidents' 2 p.m. football game against Westminster. As part of pregame activities, Ravenstahl and Goodell will be joined by W&J president Tori Haring-Smith for the coin toss. Ravenstahl, 26, was the starting W&J placekicker for three years, and he still holds the school record for career field goals made and most consecutive extra points.
Perhaps Luke can test drive his speech on how to behave in a community while attending college. Then he can deliver that to the college kids locally after he has worked out the bugs in the talk and associated, ramped-up enformcement issues.

Open container -- expect to spend the night in jail.

Pee in public -- expect to have your semester come to a grinding conclusion, without grades.

Deface private or public property -- expect to pay for the damages, give up your student ID, do hours of community service, and pick a new college for next year.

Burn a sofa -- transfer to Morgantown.

Miss recycled trash pick up days by more than 12 hours, find a new apartment as the landlord is going to eject you after a neighorhood complaint.

Can't park your car in a responsible way, turn over the keys and take the bus until you graduate.

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