Monday, October 09, 2006

How Demon Wife Became a Media Star And Other Tales of the 'Blook' in Japan -

Playing second fiddle again.
How Demon Wife Became a Media Star And Other Tales of the 'Blook' in Japan - Blogs are even more popular in Japan than in the U.S. It may be that they represent an appealing outlet in a culture that discourages public self-expression. Japan produced 8.7 million blogs at the end of March, and the U.S. an estimated 12 million blogs -- making blogging far more popular in Japan, taking the countries' relative populations into account. An estimated 25 million Japanese -- more than a fifth of the population -- are believed to read blogs.
Well, one could play second fiddle ot a demon wife -- or what I really meant -- USA is behind Japan in terms of its reach in blogging.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

Other interesting notes from the WSJ article:

Since January 2004, more than 300 books based on blogs, personal home pages, and bulletin boards have been published in Japan, about three times as many as in English. Lulu, an online self-publisher based in the U.S., this year awarded what may be the first literary award for the genre, the Lulu Blooker Prize.

The USA media folks don't really give much coverage to blogs. The people do tend to watch the blogs, with one eye. But little scrutiny occurs, as is the case in Japan.

Furthermore, few blogs in the US are able to jump the gulf and be turned into books.