Monday, October 16, 2006

Bob Casey to Paris Hilton: Watch your purse.

Bob Casey's remarks in the radio debate on Monday about more taxes for Paris Hilton was goofy. To make a point of Santorum being 'out of touch' and then to use the lines that Casey uses is ironic. Casey isn't the guy to hit a homerun against Santorum for being out of touch.

On KDKA Radio show following the debate, show host, Marty Griffin, was hitting in a negative way upon the mention of Bono. Senator Santorum mentioned Bono and Marty Griffin tried to dig for some humor in that and it backfired. Bono isn't a rock star that takes community involvement as a joke! The Bono mention in the debate was in a friendly, respectful way.

My unanswered question is, 'Do we all work hard?'

Then how can it be a 'do nothing Congress' and then they all work hard? The double talk from Casey is without logic.

Casey says to Santorum, "I don't know what you are talking about." (Not good Bob.)

Neither of those guys are going to get my vote. However, I give a big LOSS for today's radio debate to Bob Casey.

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