Saturday, October 14, 2006

Posting to MN

Subject: Re: MP-N: Iraq .....and other things.

Hi All,

R. R. H. wants to arm the world, as we are armed, sorta. He said that is the only way to go.

Well, I think we can be more creative and come up with other pathways. For instance, consider the last time the USA nuked Canada. That would be crazy, right. There are many levels as to reasons why there isn't fear or threats of war and nukes between US and Canada.

Meanwhile, there was a time, not too long ago, when the situation between the US and Cuba was such that nukes were feared. They blinked. A disaster was dodged and a long period of US and Cuba isolation was a result. The Soviet friendship and subsidization for Cuba also went to nothing.

Interesting, today, many in Canada vacation in Cuba (interesting side note).

The roots to the solutions, I feel, are within the expression:


When we have a free market approach, with free trade and free travel -- then -- more peace and prosperity occurs and fears, uncertainty, doubt and war becomes diminished.

Furthermore, the trade needs to be free, organic and citizen driven -- not from the state. We need to turn away from the "mega deals" and "government deals" within business realms such as is the case with OPEC, Haliburton, and reconstruction of infrastructure after bombs turned back the clock to stone age survivals.

So, the slogan and truth found within not bombing customers might not hold when it comes to bombing suppliers.

We need more and closer trading partners. But, let's not fool ourselves with a hope to have them work in sweatshops to meet the demands and hungers of our consumerism.

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