Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Marty G (KDKA Radio) asks: "Pandering or Real" concerning the gambling reform from the PA House

My call says, neither. This is process. It isn't real in that there are at least two more steps needed before this becomes real. The PA Senate needs to pass a bill that is the same and the governor needs to sign it.

Hats off to Marty and the show to get the citizens a pipeline to Harrisburg on the making of a bill, and pressures to get it hatched. Mike Turzi went on the air, again, and today he pulled in a guest on his line for the on-air conversation, Sam Smith. Good snag!

For real reform, and something I've been asking for for more than a year: Give TERM LIMITS on the Casinos.

They've sold these casino licenses at a cheap price, without bidding, -- but the kicker is that the license never expires. They have the rights to run the casino forever.

A drivers license for a citizen needs to be renewed from time to time. A professional license, such as for a MD (medical doctor) or hair dresser does NOT go forever.

They sold the rights to the casino operators and should have had a sunset provision for each casino. Give them various terms, say, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of operations. Then make them renew and re-negotiate before they expire.

Give some control to our children's generation. Let them get drunk on the income from the fees for the re-do of the licenses.

If I'm elected to the PA Senate or become a public official, I'd make sure that there are sunset provisions on as many matters as possible. And, I'll work hard to put a terminal point in time for the casinos.

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