Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Google to combine spreadsheets and word processing | TG Daily

Just the other day I blabbed about WRITELY, a document editing software utility that runs on the internet and allows for group work on documents in a word processor interface. Well, it seems that the tool is now with a new name and sibling for spreadsheets.
Google to combine spreadsheets and word processing | TG Daily Google is expected to introduce today a hybrid version of its online spreadsheet and word processing applications today. As such, Writely, the company Google acquired for online word processing, will lose its original name in favor of the new title 'Google Docs'. The new software, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, will offer an integrated version of the two free online services.

Since one of the key features is online collaboration with other people, the big advantage to Google Docs & Spreadsheets could be that document originators can more easily configure user access to their slate of files. Previously, there was no integration between the two, leaving users to set sharing capabilities for both Writely and Google Spreadsheets separately.

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