Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pa. Senate corrects lobbying, slots bills

Corruption proof, so says Ed Rendell. Yeah, right.
Pa. Senate corrects lobbying, slots bills Mr. Rendell praised this change, saying it 'sends a strong message to would-be criminals and will help make Pennsylvania's gaming industry corruption-proof. We will not tolerate any nefarious players in our gaming industry.'
The one gambling reform measure that I wanted, and have called for, is a sunset of the casino licenses. These bone-headed state lawmakers sold gambling licenses (or are in the process of selling them) that do not expire. The casino licenses they sold, for a one-time fee, go forever.

PA's Casino licenses go forever, like a palace of royalty that lives as it is god's will.

Only royalty and a corrupt official would ever belive, yet alone say in a newspaper, that any institution was 'corruption proof.'

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