Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Ravenstahls: Just a couple of 20-somethings

Not the fish. Oh no. What phychological reasoning can be attribute to this tall-tell sign???
The Ravenstahls: Just a couple of 20-somethings 'We're getting rid of them,' Mrs. Ravenstahl said of the four freshwater fish in the aquarium that burbled away in their dining room. 'He wanted them, and I didn't. And now he doesn't have any time to take care of them.'

Picture yourself at 26. Now add responsibility for 3,200 employees, a $429 million budget and the image of a city of 317,000.
The obvious is so bad, we dare not go there as I love swimming and fish swim. And, another said, "That's the point of fish. You don't have to be there to take care of them." But, let's ponder the other visual ramifications.

Fish & jello like dish, from a meal we shared in China.

People like to fish with a small net in the ponds in the parks.

Live fish are being scooped out of this truck near the market place.

Could this be what those who walk past the four plastic jack-o-lanters will see when they go to trick-or-treat at Luke's house? They'll have a tray with dry fish...

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