Monday, October 16, 2006

MP-N: Congressional Elections

Hi All,

I'm in Pennsylvania. I don't think Rick Santorum is going to win his re-election. The Dem in the race, Bob Casey Jr. is a real dolt who is a lazy worker, without much personality nor smarts -- but he'll win because there are no other options and Rick has worn out his welcome.

So, the notion that a vote for one person is also a mandate for something else needs to be put in the trash, where it belongs.

The post said, a vote for the R candidate in MN is really a post for Santorum to be a leader in the US Senate. I don't agree.

Politics is complicated. But, voting is simple.

A vote for a person on the ballot is a vote for the person on the ballot, at that time, for that post -- and NOTHING, or little else. That's the beauty of democracy. Politics is complicated. But voting is simple. And, we should keep it that way. All the other hang-ups and reading between the lines is not what really matters.

If you want to worry about the leadership of a legislative body, and that is a decent worry to ponder, then there are better things to do.

First, ask the candidate in your district if he or she will state support for or against those in leadership positions. For example, a guy running for state house can say that he will NOT vote for so and so as the speaker of the house. He'd vote for another person in the same party, I imagine. But those can be strong statements. And, we should ask those questions more and more of candidates.

Second, figure out where the tight elections are unfolding if the leadership of a body might tip -- and back those candidates in those locations with your funds and efforts accordingly. Those battleground districts and associated campaigns are ripe for influence from other quarters.

So, if you want Santorum out of the US Senate -- send money to Bob Casey. And, if you want to buffer his hope for Senate leadership, speak to Rs in campaigns in the US Senate and get a pledge that they'll NOT back Rick Santorum for leadership whatever.

It is interesting to see if these candidates choose to break ranks with expected leadership, or not.

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