Saturday, October 07, 2006

City's credit rating upgraded - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

City's credit rating upgraded - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Yes. This is good news. It means the city officials can pave a few more roads so as to win critical votes and sway elections.

Nevermind. I'm just being skeptical and bombastic at the same time.


Jonathan Potts said...

I'd rather see them pave roads to win votes than build stadiums and convention centers.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Pave roads in one year. Then the next season, often the same year, you dig up the road to put in new sewer pipes.

Oh well. That has been the way it has been, all too frequently around here.

But, you are right.

We should have an understanding, in open, as to what roads NEED to be re-paved, why, etc. They just show up and pave this or that.

Being open is good.

Being honest is good.

Being fair is good too.