Wednesday, October 11, 2006

State gives $25 million for Point State Park work

State gives $25 million for Point State Park work

I love parks. I've done a lot of study of urban parks. I'm making some educational videos on parks now, even.

Today I couldn't bring myself to going to this event. I felt that I might have needed to have cooled off with either a swim in the fountain or a jump into the river.

Point State Park was closed for the September Great Race -- because of a facelift. That already started.

This is a joke. The money won't come as we don't need to pave the sidewalks in gold, just to make it a 'golden triangle.'

The new park next to the new underwater tunnel next to the the new T-stop (subway) with a glass roof....

"Lay the Shovel Down."

Their crap isn't going to help our quality of life in the city.

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