Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Government FINALLY Infringing on our Freedoms

For years I've heard liberals complain that the George W. Bush administration is infringing on our freedoms, yet no tangible evidence has ever been produced.

However, there is freedom infringement in local government: these incredible, dare I say illogical, un-American smoking bans.

I have NEVER smoked a cigarette in my life. Nearly all of my cigar smoking (probably about 15 cigars in my entire 39 years on the planet) has been on Virginia beaches, on top of a Gateway Clipper boat, or on my wrap-around Victorian front porch.

Last time I checked, cigarette smoking was legal. I rarely go to bars...if a friend invites me for a Ginger Ale, I know that there's probably a toothless barfly nearby. That's what you expect at the bar.

And when I go for a concert at the neighborhood Moose, I know that we'll reek of smoke the next day. To the point that we are sick in the stomach. You know what, WE JUST DON'T GO ANYMORE!!!!!

The morality police that want to curb YOUR right to do something legal. it doesn't matter if it's being done in other cities. It's an infringement of our freedoms.

Some complain that workers are subjected to the smoke. GET ANOTHER JOB! I couldn't care less if you don't have the educational wherewithal to get a better job. That's the breaks!

The smoking ban, here in Pittsburgh, is inexplicably championed by both parties. However, this is a Democrat-controlled burgh and county. That being said, there isn't a single Republican championing YOUR right to do something legal.

This is a slippery slope. Soon, your representatives will be attempting to draft legislation that'll curb your enthusiasm for your favorite adult beverage. New York has already fired the second shot...donuts and their tasty, tasty fats. Big Brother is watching!!!

Smoke 'em if you got 'em! This legislation is just un-American.


Mark Rauterkus said...

I called into KDKA Radio's show with The Honz Man today -- just before the 4 pm hour.

Honz is all in favor of the anti-smoking regulation. Honz is a conservative.

The point that motivated my call was his statement that he would favor an all out BAN against Tobacco / smokin, anywhere and everywhere. This goes way beyond the workplace and bars. He is okay with them being outlawed.

My comments: "I'm not a smoker and hate it. And, I do plenty to promote 'wellness.'

But, I'd be strongly against the idea of an all-out ban, as that makes tobacco much like marajuana. The 'War On Drugs' has been a failure and I'd not want to expand it to tobacco. That move would not be good for society -- not prudent.

There are other things yet that could be done. First, we got to get into the heads of the people so smoking isn't their choice.

Honz said, we tried that or something.

We can still triple the taxes. We can better enforce sales to minors. We can look at the treatments that are provided to those with lip, throat and lung cancer to lifelong smokers. There are some health costs that need to be factored into society's debts.

Honz said something like, "you raise some good points."

- -
I'm not sure I got him off of his high horse about an all-out ban of tobacco, but I did reason a bit with him and he listened.

Thomas Leturgey said...

I heard your call today. Almost didn't sound like you...I'm betting you have a slight cold.

Anyhoo, tax the crap out of it. I am vehemently against outlawing tobacco, there are a TON of issues in which Honzy is NOT a conservative, and this is one of them. Small government and less intrusiveness are two of the foundations of conservatism. Fred could not be more wrong on this issue. In fact, he is very much against individualism.

The fact of the matter is this: there are many ways in this world to "thin the herd." Smoking is one. Excessive alcohol assumption is one. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet is one.

Another...one in which I am a violator...not the best diet. These are generally life-or-death issues. Sorry, it's not P-C, but it's a fact of life.

On a much less severe grade, the same goes for folks with excessive tatoos and piercings. I don't have to worry about them getting the job I'm applying for anytime this lifetime.

Prohibition didn't work.

I was at a convenience store yesterday and the clerk wouldn't sell cigarettes to a young guy who most likely was of "smokin' age," but he didn't have ID. She did her job.

Aren't people quitting more and more? I thought I read that in the news some time ago.

The pursuit of happiness does include legal behavior.

Jeebas said...

I remember posting about this before my old site/blog expired and saying how crazy it would be, back when State Sen. Greenleaf brought this up every year... and now this finally happened. At least Onorato kinda has his head on straight with the amendments he suggested... It will get held up in court for a while I would imagine, plus enforcement is gonna be lax.