Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Today's Erik's Birthday -- and Tomorrow is National Pee Outside Day

Erik is 12 today. He has his own blog, but I'm not sure he has ever seen it. http://eRauterkus.blogspot.com.

It is a good thing he came out on the 10th, and not the 11th, as he'd be sharing his birthday with an activity that is very common around here (on the South Side).

Plus, he took more than 36 hours to arrive. Holding off to the 11th would have been, out of the question.
Pee Outside Day, From Uncyclopedia

A national holiday to many residents of Pennsyltucky, Pee Outside Day was started many years ago by a group of pseudo-shaolin monks located in the major metropolitan area of Nachos Grande. One day when watching Double Indemnity, Ron (known to some as 'Roy the Short,' even though his first name is Ron) got up and decided he wanted to relieve himself in the parking lot of the local Burger King.

On the way there, the group of 15 came upon a drowning bus of orphan seals. How they were drowning, the world will never know. The point is that Ron and all of his buddies got together and saved those seals. Tickertape parades and random acts of mollusc-chucking ensued. After this, Ron and his crew proceeded to Burger King and did what they came to do. Word of the monumental event spread and earned a place as a shining moment in Pennsyltucky's history.

Fun Facts

'Pee Outside Day' was originally called 'Save Orphan Seals Day,' but was changed to be more politcally correct, since some seals said it was offensive that they would want to be saved.
Source: http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Pee_Outside_Day

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