Friday, May 04, 2007

Got a point. Lost the game. Saw the horses. To host a semi finals next week.


We saw the Christchurch franchise in action tonight. Our team lost, but, they scored a touchdown at the very end of the game. Those points were needed to secure a point in the match. That point insures that the home team will play a home match next weekend -- the first round of the playoffs.

This is a league of 12 teams -- some from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

We were told that the Crusaders squad tonight has have or had 10 players who were also on the All Blacks.

At the start of the game, a lone horseman rides around the field, banishing a sword. He's a Crusader, of course. Then after one lap, he goes to the castle and calls out nine others to join him. They gallop around the field, like the USC Trojan, sorta. But, ten times better as there are ten of them. And, they exit a castle with gas fired lanterns at the draw-bridge / gate.

We took a cab to the event. Came home via bus.

Still got in our swim practices too. That ended at 6:30 pm. Home by 7, on our bikes. into a quick jacket change. Good luck with the taxi. And we, all 6 of us, got to the stadium by pre-game to see the horses. Game began at 7:30.

Tickets for next week's game go on sale at 9 am on Tuesday. Tonight's game was NOT a sell out. The stadium holds 30,000 or so. Had about 22,000 in the place.

My take on the game -- being I hardly know the rules -- ball handling. The Crusaders just didn't make great passes nor handle the ball well. Too many fumbles and turnovers.

There were some big-time hits. One was right at our corner of the field. Ouch.

Next up, playoffs. The squad better do better talking care of the ball, if you ask me.

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