Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hector Dolphins, here we come

We might have a dolphin experience tomorrow.

It rained all day today. But, we still got to a welcome tea via bikes. Then we went to the local bike shop and got some reflector tape/bands for Erik. He wanted them for his legs to keep his pants out of the pedals.

Tonight both Erik and Grant had swim practice with their respective groups. Each are in with about 36 others of similar abilities. Erik's group was 6 to a lane (4 lanes). Grant's was slightly smaller. Both the boys swam well.

Both are doing very well on the bikes as well.

We booked a bus ride and dolphin adventure for tomorrow. The van / shuttle will pick us up at 7:45 am and take us to a 'French' village, Akaroa. The names are French, but not much else. We'll see.

Glad it is raining here and not in Pittsburgh, as our house is without a roof. So, we'll take the bitter weather pill here. Plus, Australia is in a massive dry spell.

Catherine discovered that when you go to the market, you can't order a pound of turkey breast.

Got a $.5 coin today that is worth $0. I'll do a video blog on that soon. Quiz time.

The class began on campus today as well. And, it seems we'll be in some swim meets as well.

Saturday and Sunday, I've signed up for training.

Our phone # is 03 364-2715. Please don't call. Send email.

Final quiz; The swim team -- how do you say it? Wharenui is how it is written.

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