Wednesday, May 09, 2007

PDF 2007 UnConference

PDF 2007 UnConference* Got an idea for a hands-on workshop?
* Eager to hash over your latest project?
* Dying to dig deep into the latest technology tool or trend?

At the PDF unConference, there is no audience, only participants. There are no 'official' sessions; you drive the agenda. We'll provide the space, the food, the caffeine and the wifi; you do the rest.

Come Saturday and be part of the solution.
Sounds a lot like PodCamp.
alt="PDF Conference/UnConference" width="183" height="187">
Too bad there does NOT seem to be a wiki to organize the event before it begins -- until after you pay the $35. What's up with that. Why not open the wiki for all before they sign up?

To provide the space, wi-fi, lunch and engine from the day before is nice. To help with the PR is great too. But, I would hope that this would be a real grass-roots tool with the ability to make for associations in advance of the meeting. But, nice try and effort. Hope it becomes fruitful.

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