Friday, June 15, 2007

Carbolic Smoke Ball nails LUKE, but this last one isn't funny

Read and giggle.
Carbolic Smoke Ball PITTSBURGH - Mayor Luke Ravenstahl yesterday asked for a resignation letter from his sixteen-year-old grass cutter Noah Swayne in an effort to re-evaluate his performance.

In a statement, the mayor said he was 'not satisfied with the condition of my front lawn' and will conduct a nationwide search for the best candidate to assume the duties. Swayne is being asked to apply.

Swayne was a holdover from the O'Connor administration. He cut then-Mayor O'Connor's grass from April 2006 until O'Connor's death in September 2006.

Mayor Ravenstahl reportedly will ask for similar letters of resignation from his dentist, auto mechanic and barber.
But, I wonder, does this mean more? If my wife did hair for her job, I'd not have a 'barber' to fire -- unless -- ...