Monday, June 18, 2007

School Sports -- merge the City League with the WPIAL

Now is the time, when school is out and when sports teams are not taking all the available attention, to have serious conversations about scholastic sports.

The Pgh Public Schools has its own "City League." The City League needs to be taken apart. Rather, the city schools need to merge in and among the schools in the W.P.I.A.L.

Talk of consolidation mergers and metropolitanism has loomed large in recent years. Both scorn and infatuation spills. I'm willing to push to make sports, our playgrounds and our extra-school activities be the ones to step to the line next and MERGE.

We need to get the city kids playing well with the suburban kids.

We need to get the city school administrators understanding the competition. The school administrators in the PPS district are too insulated from the rest of Allegheny County.

We need the boosters in the city to see how boosters in suburban districts operate.

We need to be competitive -- and competition in sports is a week to week, day to day, and minute to minute ordeal. In sports, we keep score all the time.

Let's merge.


Anonymous said...

Yes the City League should be disbanded! Why, because it's not fair, 4 class qualifications playing each other that's not supposed to happen. 2. Play what you are, if your Quad A then play Quad A ball-Brashear, If your Triple A then play Triple A ball-Perry and so on stop feeding of the lowly teams of the league make all the teams fend for themselves.3. Create a new fan base, nobody goes to the games anyway because it's the same boooring teams playing each other Perry vs Carrick ,snoozer Perry vs W.Allegheny at Perry Huuuum. 4. Create revenue for your home school, some of these kids don't know what home field advantage is because their field is used for practice only and with the money you bring in you can improve your fields, get the neighborhood coming to the games and cut out all the neighborhood warfare between kids because their not playing each other and the extra money can be used for whatever you need. And finally, if your going to do it, make it geographiclly Brashear would be with Mt. Lebonon's division, Allderdice would be with C.Catholic's division, Westinghouse would be with S.Side Academy's division.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Great points. Thanks.