Thursday, June 21, 2007

Want some free fatherhood info for your organization?

National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) just released two RFPs for bundles of resources that community-based organizations can apply to receive at no charge. All that is required to potentially receive these resources is a little time and effort to write a brief proposal.

Please spread the word among your contacts. I have attached an announcement about the resources.
RFP for Daddy Packs
National Fatherhood Initiative Announces Two Request for Proposals (RFPs):
We are currently offering quality resources
FREE to eligible organizations.


Through this great opportunity, we're offering the Daddy Pack, our BEST SELLING product, to organizations working with new and expectant dads!

Up to 100 Organizations will receive $2500 worth of Daddy Packs!

Filled with important information about child health and safety, child development and more, this innovative resource has what new dads need to know to get involved with their little ones right from the start.

Learn more about the Daddy Pack™ here


Complete with curricula, interactive resources, brochures, and posters, these resource centers have what you need to get dads involved!

There are 145 fully-stocked resource centers available - each with $3,000 of resources!

You can apply for the custom option which best suits your needs:

24/7 Dad Package

New and Expectant Dad Package

Comprehensive Fatherhood Package

For more information about the Daddy Pack opportunity, or to apply, click here

Questions? Email us

For more information about the Fatherhood Resource Center opportunity, or to apply, click here

Questions? Email us

*organizations may apply for, and possibly receive, both sets of resources*

To learn more about the National Fatherhood Initiative

Visit FatherSOURCE Learn more about our programs

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