Friday, June 15, 2007

Mayor Ravenstahl asks 10 to resign - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Mayor Ravenstahl asks 10 to resign - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Insane. This is goofy.

Doing a national search for ten directors at one time is going to absorb the time and energy of many people.

I agree that I'd not want to keep all ten directors should I become mayor. But, I'd not fire them all in the summer of a re-election year.

Rather, evolve.

Furthermore, the Parking Authority boss heard about the request to resign from a reporter it seems. He said "no comment." He was off the job yesterday. So, what's that about? Was he at the US Open too?


Mark Rauterkus said...

More thoughts six hours later.

Luke crashed a party hosted by Am. Ex. at Oakmont with Tiger Woods. The pink slips, of sorts, are a nice way to blow smoke to get the topic off the radar.

Luke is stupid to do such a massive lay off. I think it is but another lie that will hurt him.

The way to proceed is with evolution. Evaluate, recruit, plan, refocus, and so on. A wholesale change is going to be a massive waste of time. But, that's what Luke wants. He needed a time shift. He needs to buy some time. So, the move is his way to stay on as king of the hill.

Anonymous said...

When is the national media going to start getting into this story, this is insane, and a true waste of my tax dollars in replacing these heads.

Ok, its broken, but is this the way to fix it??

What is the urgency NOW? I don't get it.

Mark Rauterkus said...

There is little urgency now? Other than the fact that Luke needs to have his golf story end now that the US Open is here.

Luke needs to shift the conversation away from Tiger and crashing the Am. Ex gig at Oakmont of the past weeks.

The other bit of urgency is the fact that the city swim pools opened today. Would not want to ax the citiparks boss until after the pools were to open. :0

And, the national media won't care -- yet. They might care later -- but the national folks generally take the lead of the locals. And, the local MSM isn't there yet as well either. But, time will tell.

I've wanted the national media to come into town from time to time in the past -- but they've not done so. Tom Murphy was very worried about his national image and not what locals felt and understood. Oh well. One day it will come into focus for some national reporter -- and the lid will come off in a big way.

But, don't hold your breath.