Thursday, June 28, 2007

DeSantis for Mayor site arrives

Mark DeSantis for Mayor of Pittsburgh | Mark DeSantis for Mayor of Pittsburgh
A new web site is now live.

It has copyright notices.


jc said...

Thanks for the link.

The YouTube video on the right of the site is a little spacey, but I like that it doesn't say Republican anywhere on it.

Someone responded to a comment I made on another blog re: the "R" behind his name and how they don't get what it had to do with "accountability." It's pretty simple: We can choose the company (party) we keep -- leaders must be held accountable for that.

I know all the Main Street/Rockefeller Republicans and some of you libertarians would like to think that the Republican Party can somehow be rehabilitated from BushCo's criminality and rank disregard for our democratic institutions. It can't.

DeSantis strikes me as a kind of Bloomberg for the 'Burgh. Somebody ask him how he can square running as a Republican when the Mayor of the Big Apple has just left the Party? Will he follow suit once elected?

I'd ask him myself, but his campaign site doesn't have a blog.

Michael P. O'Connor said...

I doubt he will win, come on this is Pittsburgh, I belive if a Republican wins in this city it will be the sign that the end of the world is comming. This is Pittsburgh local elections have aready been done. The winners from the democrates primaires are the winners, I will gladdly eat crow if this does not happen and a republican wins, but we both know that, that will never happen.

and jc, why the hate against us republicans, is not your party to so called partie of toloance?

Matt H said...

Anonymous said...

If the website is any indication, Mr. DeSantis will at least run a respectable campaign.

Yes, the Democrats have done so much for our city's economy, evident as I see once-vibrant business districts that now look like war zones.

Ah, that smell you have is the sweet aura of success.