Monday, June 18, 2007

Presidential candidate Ron Paul drawing diverse crowds - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Article in the Sunday Trib about my favorite candidate for US President, 2008, Dr. Ron Paul.
Presidential candidate Ron Paul drawing diverse crowds - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review What struck the candidate ... was the diversity of the crowd.

'Young and old, hippie types and business types, Republicans and Democrats and independents, anarchists, people who hate the IRS and the Federal Reserve,' said Ron Paul, a Green Tree native, Dormont High School alumnus and Republican congressman from Texas' Gulf coast.
Diversity works for Libertarians. Diversity works for me too.

Medical Marijuana should be defended.

Most of all to those who are NOT convinced already, my friends in Pittsburgh should get behind Ron Paul, because he is a home-town hero.

When was the last person from Pittsburgh in the White House -- as President?

This quote that "Everyone knows he's not going to be the nominee" is total crap. But, those are they types of quotes I expect from the Tribune Review.

Politics is partly about the power of ideas. And, if politics is going to improve, it needs to be ALL ABOUT the power of ideas. Politics is in the toilet because it is about money and NOT about ideas. Politics is in the toilet because it isn't about the future.

Polls that don't register his candidacy are not worth a wasted breath. But, the Trib cares about spreading the soiled goods.

Ron Paul's wife, Carol Wells, is also from this area. Not like T. Heinz. This are Pittsburgh's people.

Dormont. You gotta love this guy. He was a state track champion. He was class president. He didn't play football -- so his head wasn't bashed about!

Sure, there are a lot of good things that the government does. The government needs to protect freedom. Protect privacy. Protect the people from the government.

Greater words can not be said about a guy in politics if you listen to what Tom DeLay said about Ron Paul. "You always understand where he's coming from." That is key. That can't be discounted.

Earmarks never worked for Dr. Paul. YES!

I've said all along that we need to nix the earmarks in Western Pennsylvania that come here and HURT our economy. The tunnel under the river for light-rail expansion is a great example of an earmark that doesn't work.

Then the Trib goes out of its way to interview the opposition of Dr. Paul. Talk to Ds in Dr. Paul's area. Talk to DeLay, 'the hammer' -- an in-party foe to Dr. Paul. Paul won after a controversial redistricting. I remember that period. Texas had a strike. It was a mess.

Rudy Giuliani sharply rebuked him, so the article goes. Really, Guiliani was rude and dull and without any rebuke. Duhh. Rudy gets a thank you note for being one to tango with, but Rudy was flat foolish. Rudy's attack on Dr. Paul is going to be the telling moment of Rudy's career.

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Tom said...

"Rudy's attack on Dr. Paul is going to be the telling moment of Rudy's career."

What can that mean? Rudy G. dismisses a third-tier candidate?

Dr. Paul doesn't register on the big polls because he's not a player. Don't get me wrong, I like his ideas...but he's too old, he's not "tough enough" to be President. He's also a little-known candidate outside of his own district.

Sure, some in the Internet community seem to have embraced him well before the elections. I have many friends who are touting his ideas: MOST OF WHICH I SHARE. I am just not going to waste my time until I see he can amaze the pundits with his fundraising capability...and not his ability to woo Bill Maher's elitist marijuana-fueled crowd.