Monday, June 25, 2007

An Open Letter To Mark DeSantis

Dear Mark,

We don’t know each other. But I hear that you’re running for Mayor as a Republican in our city. Good luck, as you are up against remarkable odds.

Pittsburgh is a city that tolerates a lot out of its elected leaders. Our current Mayor, Luke Ravenstahl, is only there because Pittsburgh City Council couldn’t pick a City Council President out of a roster of slightly more qualified candidates. Almost every “veteran” member of City Council thought that the job of President should be his or hers.

How embarrassing would it have been had Council selected spendy Twanda Carlisle as its consensus leader, instead of Ravenstahl? When Bob O’Connor died tragically, the then 26-year-old Ravenstahl (plunked down as North Side's representative by his politically-connected parents) was ushered in as Mayor.

Ravenstahl has led with an under-the-radar, unspectacular style. There have been a few youth-enhancing flubs (admitting to David Letterman that the city fixed Ben Roethlisberger's tickets in that near fatal motorcycle crash of last year and something about crashing a Tiger Woods party), but nothing that would make the city’s underground power hierarchy flip the termination switch.

Mr. DeSantis, you are up against an incumbent (without actually being elected in a citywide race) with virtually no kinks in his political armor. It’s time you hit the grass roots campaign trail running.

I’ve heard that your official citywide campaign kicks off tomorrow, Tuesday, June 26. I have yet to get a phone call or mailer concerning this announcement. I fear that you’ll be standing in front of a podium with no one behind you, responding to your every positive statement. There should be dozens, nay thousands, of warm bodies at this announcement. If there isn't, you should just stay home.

I don’t know when the fundraisers are set to begin, but I should have already been called and asked for a donation in any amount. Asked if I could host a weenie roast on your behalf.

Tomorrow when you kick off the campaign, I’m not sure what local celebrity you’ll have behind you, but there had better be someone, even if it’s that Pirate and Steeler vendor who jumps into the Mon with all the other Polar Bear club members on January 1st. Have you been on America's Morning Show with Pittsburgh-based Quinn and Rose? Have you lined up the rest of your radio talk show appearances yet?

There better be an exciting website and telephone campaigns. Mailers should be showing up in my mailbox all the time.

I offer an opportunity to chat on TalkShoe; I’ll host. Let’s do it often if you’d like. Closer to Election Day, let’s have a regularly-scheduled once-a-month talk show. If you want, we can do it daily as we near the big day.

What have you done to post on YouTube, MySpace and other exciting sites? Some of these venues don’t cost a dime. Assuredly, you’re going to be spending some cash, or a man of your accomplishments wouldn’t be in the race.

I look forward to an exciting summer with Mark DeSantis, Republican candidate for Mayor, city of Pittsburgh, charging against the unstoppable Chosen One. Joe Weinroth ran a decent campaign last time out, but Bob O’Connor was “tapped” by the unseen powers that be.

Mr. DeSantis, do something to keep the name out there and float new ideas. I’d hate to see another Republican candidate not catch on, especially when there’s the possibility for an exciting campaign.

Luke Ravenstahl, a nice young guy, hasn’t done anything that merits leading our fine city for the next 10-12 years.

Your pal,



Mark Rauterkus said...

Good letter and nice, prudent warnings for the future. I'm not sure what to think, yet, of a Mark DeSantis campaign. Time will tell. And, the one of the first telling times comes by design tomorrow. This is a staged event.

Tom said...

Thanks. We'll see how well-staged it is. I think it has to make a statement. Not just Mark and one or two people. He needs LOTS of whole she-bang.

We will see.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt it make sense, all arguments aside, to vote for a individual that can really bring a fresh approach to city government with out the normal crew of cronies and grant street cow trough feeders?

WAKE up Pittsburgh...

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