Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Change would limit time acting directors can serve

Here is a move that is nothing but a power grab.
Change would limit time acting directors can serve City Council President Doug Shields said yesterday that he will introduce legislation today to change the city code to prevent acting department heads from serving indefinitely without council approval.
It is funny to watch a power grab play out when there is nothing else to grab upon. City Council is worried about directors on the totum and cats running at large in the city. They are working on things that are nearly meaningless. This is why they've become meaningless. They've not looked at the various situations with keen insight and figured out a way to do something otherwise.

I've called for the removal of George Specter as the 'acting city solicitor.' But I think he should be fired.

So, a member of city council wants to put together new legislation that will prevent an acting department head from serving for more than 90 days in that role. But, we have a mention in the city charter that says that it should not occur.

How about this instead: Enforce the city charter and then you don't need to make new legislation.

Doug Shields should NOT approve the invoices on city council until George Specter is terminated. That's the only bit of power those on council have. Stop paying the guy. Stop paying everyone until this is resolved.

I'd be fine if the city stopped paying the entire law department until it had a director. And, as a member of city council, the body that approves the invoices, that could be accomplished.

Doug Shields could also stand outside the law department offices with a stack of cardboard boxes and offer to move George Specter's personal belongings OUT of the city's building. That is another positive move, a media ploy, that would begin to offer up solutions to this nagging problem.


Anonymous said...

Does this turkey even know who George Specter is? First of all the day this was written was the day George's wife of 38 years died. Have a little respect.
Second of all George Specter has worked tirelessly in that law office for 20 years. He should be named City Solicitor. I think maybe the clueless city counsel member should be removed. Mr. Specter is an asset to that department.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I know who George Specter is.

I've not been impressed with the city's approach in its legal department for quite some time.

The same-old, same-old needs to go away from Grant Street.

The city has been tireless in going to court and letting judges decide all sorts of matters. That is an expensive way to go. And, it always nets an end result that is much worse than ideal.

I agree with you, clueless council members -- or is it counsel members as you posted -- should be removed.

Mr. Specter might be an asset to that department. But, he had been, against the established city charter, and 'acting director' for way too long.

And, he isn't, IMNSHO, an asset to the city's residents.

The respect to the passing of his wife is within my being -- however it was YOU who raised it. May she rest in peace and may you leave that topic alone -- and off of this blog, anonymous.