Sunday, June 17, 2007

Director advice at PNC Park last night: Hang in there!

Last night we had a nice time at PNC Park with a group of folks in Pittsburgh for an event that was hosted at the Univ. of Pittsburgh. My wife is involved with a teach the teachers conference that runs every other year. This was the second event and the third topic for 2009 is booked. (Practice management) This year's topic for the audiology educators was A.R.

Quiz: What is A.R.?

I'd type it here -- but want to make this more interactive and my spelling stinks.

A corporate sponsor, Starkey, was able to bring 45 or so to the game. Wonderful. It was a nice ending to three days of meetings.
BTW, the Pirates lost. BTW 2, some really young kids are going to see "High School Musical."
While at the game I talked for a moment or two with one of the ten directors who has been given notice that his job would become advertised for a national search for his replacement. I'll keep his identity secret for fear of blowback for now. But, this gentleman is one of the very few that I'd feel confident that I'd want to interview for that post he currently occupies should I become mayor. He is good at what he does. He has always been honest and straight with me, personally, and in my quest of political insights into the budget and such.

I told him (and his associates -- sorry, no clues) that was with him my thoughts about how in the real world one should measure twice THEN cut once. That isn't the case with our young mayor -- nor with Onorato and Bland. So, this isn't just a youth knock. Mine is a process evaluation -- and they're clueless as to how to evaluate objectives and such.

After some nice conversations, and as we were getting back to the game and our respective groups, my parting words were, "Hang in there Scott." This advice needs to be repeated, in public. I hope he does hang in there and is around Grant Street when I'm mayor -- and the insanity dissipates.

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