Friday, June 15, 2007

Pittsblog backs into a liberty discussion

Pittsblog But the regulatory gauntlet is daunting, and there aren't enough people in town who are trained to manage it.
This is not the way I'd want to skin the cat. If the regulatory gauntlet is daunting, and it is even more than daunting, then I'd want to streamline that process. We need to extend freedom and liberty to eliminate and rid the process of daunting regulations. We need to get more into a buyer beware mode. We need to get off the backs of those who want to sell supplements. We need to open up a few tax-free-zones but switch the free pass to whole segments of marketplace advancements. Cut red tape. Get government out of the position of playing boss of a nanny state. Put more responsibility upon the consumers, the drug makers, the doctors, the health-care advocates, the pharmacy experts.

Don't have the D.A. and the State-Commerce-Auditors do 'crack-downs' on gyms for selling "Gator-Aid" and other supplements.

I hate steriods. Here I'm talking about the 'roids' that are famous for short-cuts to building bulk, HGH and such. I won't use them. I'll teach others about their troubles. But I'd like to sidestep the need for Pittsburgh to recuit a bunch of human capital so we have people who are trained to manage the hurdles of a bloated, over-taxed, public sector process of agencies, permissions and plain-old red tape.

If we had 10 people take that on as a mission, getting to the roots of the problems, from positions of power in certain offices -- the thaw of our economy would begin.

This is why Libertarian thinkers, such as Ron Paul, would be a boom to America at this time.

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