Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Invite: You can visit with us on the 4th of July

We are having our annual party / open house. Last year, Russ Diamond came to mingle and socialize.

Schedule: 6 pm badminton in the park by our house, 12th and Sarah Street. If you don’t want to play or watch badminton, plan to show up at the house (108 S. 12th Street) any time after 7 pm.

We’ll have the usual arts and crafts and some “water” games.

We supply napkins, plates, utensils, cups and lemonade and chips. If you want something more exciting (and we hope you do), please bring some to share (food or beverage).

You’ll be viewing the downtown fire works from our NEW deck just after dark. Yes, it is NEW. The deck is higher, larger, and really, really nice.

Plus, the room on the third floor where heads were often hit on the ceiling has changed as well. Come see the new room with 3 meter tall walls. We invite you to write a message on the unfinished inside walls (This year only!) that will be preserved with the house when we put up the final walls.

Everyone is welcome – please feel free to bring friends, relatives, etc.

If you need to reach us, email at

Hope to see you. You can check out some of our New Zealand scrapbooks too.

Mark, Catherine, Erik, and Grant (plus our two cats)

PS: We're playing three evenings of coached water polo (any level) on July 1, 2 and 3 at the Crafton pool. Email for more information – it will be lots of fun.

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