Friday, June 22, 2007

Grant gets a day of "Lump Camp"

We've made "Lump Camp" a regular part of our summers. That's when you sit around like a lump. Generally it is an all-day thing. But, we've been moving more and more to half-day lump camps.

Grant gets a full day of lump camp tomorrow, Saturday. Erik is in a two day meet. But Grant is only in events on Sunday. So, Grant has Saturday 'off.'

The summer schedule for Mondays to Fridays includes a swim practice from 7 to 9 am at Carlynton High School (indoor, 25 yards). Then there is a short drive and another swim practice, outdoors, 25 yards, at Crafton Swim Pool, from 9:30 to 11:30.

On some days the boys take a run and then swim in the second practice. Or, they'll do some sculling, reverse swimming, and other skills/drills with a script in the diving well for a good part of the second practice. But, Mike has been doing a lot of work on turns in that outdoor practice. I've been trying to teach lots of fly and breast in the first couple weeks. Almost all of the younger swimmers have mastered breast.

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