Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Athletes not sure how to train for Olympic sized pollution problem - Tuesday August 28, 2007 5:39PM

SI.com - Athletes not sure how to train for Olympic sized pollution problem ...Others are concerned the dirty air might cost them a legitimate shot at a medal.
The dirty air will not cost anyone a medal. All the medals will be given at every event. Some are going to medal. Some -- and most -- won't.

And the air is the same for everyone.

At the start of the race, everyone will (or should) have an even start.

The one's who go the fastest, highest and score more points are going to win.

My $.02, if anyone cares to listen. Don't stay far away when staying away. Get into China. Get close enough so the jump to Beijing is a two hour drive. Visit the city for a day. See the venue. Set up camp. Depart. Train for another week elsewhere. Adjust to the food and heat. Get cozy with the team. Then waltz into Beijing and perform the next day.

So, anyone know of a nice bed and breakfast about 2 hours on the upwind side of Beijing?

If Pittsburgh was Beijing, I'd take the team to Seven Springs. If Chicago was Beijing, go to Rockford. If using L.A. for the example, go to Big Sur.

Pack a lot of peanut butter. Bring a bread maker and flour. Well, the white powder stuff might not work through customs. Nix that. Ship in Ritz crackers.

Frankly, the air won't be nearly as big of a problem and worry as the food.

Food issues with the IOC drug testing are also of high concern.

Bring camel backs so you can easily lug your own water throughout the day and evenings. If you have a camel back and the presence of mind to make good choices, the water is a snap to deal with.

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