Tuesday, August 21, 2007

If you don't count the two rounds of golf, Luke is right. But blindspots are now what we need from our mayor.

Luke said, "This was not a gift to me -- I received nothing." It would be different if I was the [beneficiary] of $9,000. I wasn't.
Luke played two rounds of golf. That was his benefit. He was the beneficiary.

What about the goodie bag? Did anyone ask. Has that been returned?

Luke didn't benefit -- except for the golf.

Luke told the truth -- except for the lies.

Luke, you should have been a caddy for First Tee participant. Luke could have been sure that he didn't benefit by giving the opportunity to another who would NOT ever have such an opportunity.

The First Tee program could have easily held a skills contest. Figure out who had the best attendance. Give that as a reward. Get a referral from a coach and take a budding athlete to the tournament with you. Let that person play the round. Be a mentor. Bow to someone else. Lend a hand in service.

It would have been different if Luke insured that the $9,000 benefit was targeted to and at a less advantaged golfer he accompanied.

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