Friday, August 17, 2007

The blog is on -- and so is my seminar on Saturday at Podcamp

The blog is on - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review'Pittsburgh was kind of at the forefront of blogging, before it became mainstream,' said Mike Woycheck, administrator of the Web site Pittsburgh Bloggers. The site started in 2004, and now has a directory of 600 blogs in greater Pittsburgh. 'We've been very open and embracing of this new medium.' The city's changing political climate fuels a lot of its blogs, said Woycheck, 32, of Ignomar. 'Pittsburghers use blogging to vent ideas and complaints. It's a way to make creative responses to all the issues we're facing. This medium is really on the pulse of people's concerns.' The demographic of bloggers in Pittsburgh runs the gamut, Woycheck said. 'We have 20-somethings to 50-somethings; blogs about every day life and issues. Sometimes it's bitter, sometimes it's humorous, sometimes it's snarky, but it's always lively discussion.'

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