Thursday, August 23, 2007

Buzzword 'bacn' clogs e-mail arteries

First published on this blog on, 23 August, 11:50 pm.
Buzzword 'bacn' clogs e-mail arteries Buzzword 'bacn' clogs e-mail arteries
Now that the word, BACN, has made it into the mainstream media on the other side of the world, I can blog my 'bacon' story about our time in New Zealand.

Stay tuned.

By the way, I dished out a little bacn myself last night. I now have 52 new friends on my LinkedIn page.

To set the stage, did you hear about the news from band camp at a Western PA school? - High School Band Eats Cookies Laced With Laxatives High School Band Eats Cookies Laced With Laxatives (KDKA) Some members of the Connellsville Marching Band were sickened after they ate cookies apparently laced with laxatives. Practice came to a halt on Thursday when students became ill. Former band members, who have graduated, served the batch of tainted cookies. School police are investigating and so far, school officials aren't commenting. The students who were sickened weren't seriously ill.
In New Zealand, they speak English, of course. Yet some of the words of the Kiwis are not easily understood by Americans.

For instance, going to the swim pool, you always want to bring your togs. Togs? Swim suits are called 'togs.'

While coaching swimming in New Zealand, we had a wonderful opportunity to go on a team trip in a ... stay tuned.

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