Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cost To Repair Pa. Bridges Adds Up To $11 Billion - Cost To Repair Pa. Bridges Adds Up To $11 Billion(KDKA) There is now a price tag for the repairs that need to be completed on the thousands of Pennsylvania's bridges in bad condition. Officials say new figures show the cost to repair our state's bridges is $11 billion.
How about if we repair and rehab what we have BEFORE building new roads, infrastructure and tunnels that all are going to require upkeep as well.

Don't build the tunnel under the river.

Don't build the Mon Valley Toll Road.

Take care of the existing bridges.

Fix McArdle Road and its bridges.

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John K. says: 11 Billion, is that it? We can fund that, just tell the folks it is to ensure an efficient flow of people to the stadiums. Or else we can shake down another casino for more money.